The Case Of Engel V Vitale

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Jordan Britt
October 12, 2017
1st Period
Engel v. Vitale The case of Engel v. Vitale concerns the establishment clause of the first amendment of the United States Constitution. The establishment clause reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The effect that the case had on public school systems throughout the United States is still evident today. Engel v. Vitale was a landmark case that that showed up in the Supreme Court in the 1960s that would affect the future of prayer in public schools for years to come. The historic case of Engel v. Vitale resulted from a complaint that arose in the public school of New Hyde Park, New York. It was first brought to the courts
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Vitale had on politics was very noticeable. The case led to a series of First Amendment court cases concerning religion, which started to eliminate state-sponsored religious activities throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Engel v. Vitale was the first official court case that barred the government from sponsoring or encouraging prayer in school. The case of Engel v. Vitale started a cascade of court cases that separated church and state more and more during the 20th century. The impact the case had on the culture of the United States was very noticeable. There was a very large pushback from the American people, and they were outraged at the fact that official prayers by the government were not legal anymore. They were led by Billy Graham, who said, “This is another step toward the secularization of the United States. The framers of our Constitution meant we were to have freedom of religion, not freedom from …show more content…
The government is not allowed to single out a certain type of religion in prayer, even if it is Christianity. By the school board of New York writing a prayer, even if it is non-denominational, they were endorsing a certain religion, which is an abuse of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution. I will not agree with the fact that is was necessary, but the case of Engel v. Vitale was going to present itself eventually, and the court would have to rule the way they did. Personally, I would not have changed anything because our judicial system worked itself out because this case eventually was able to come to the Supreme Court. Engel v. Vitale was a momentous case in the Supreme Court, which greatly affected the political and social fragment of the United States for years to come. The case would rock the culture of America for many years, even to this day there are arguments about the case. The case would also start a series of decisions in the Supreme Court that led to the removal of religion from anywhere in the government of the United States. Concerning religion, the case of Engel v. Vitale was one of the most important cases of the 20th

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