Essay on Engaging Your Customers

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Chapter 2: Use Behaviors that Engage Your Customer

Question 8: What are some patterns of behavior that project a company’s culture? List several examples from organizations that you’ve worked in.

Answer: Organizational culture refers to a system of shared norms, beliefs, and values that bind people together. This system is manifested by customs and habits that exemplify the values of an organization. Culture performs several important functions in organizations. It first provides a sense of identity for its members. But more importantly, it clarifies and reinforces standards of behavior. According to our textbook behavior is defined as both verbal and nonverbal. In nonverbal communication, even without words, our
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Give customer service related examples of each?

Answer: Listening is comprised of three elements; internal, environmental, and interactional.
• Internal- The mental process of attaching meaning to the words or sounds we hear. This process is based on two conditions, (1) The words and sounds used by the source must be received by the hearer and (2) The listener must possess a set of meanings for the sounds to make sense. Our text lists a couple of factors that contribute to the breakdown in this particular stage; trying to hear in a noisy environment, dealing with a bad phone connection, speaking with people whose tone is too low, and talking to someone with a strong foreign accent.

• Environmental- The communication environment helps us determine what we can and cannot listen to. The following factors impact an individual’s and an organization’s capacity to listen: (1) Individual listening capacity, (2) Presence of noise, and (3) Use or misuse of gatekeepers. Our listening capacity becomes overloaded when we receive too much information or not enough information. Breakdowns occur when we’ve exceeded our capacity. Noise refers to the sounds that are irrelevant to our conversations. External noises such as machines, loud music, television, or even other conversations in the background all impede our ability to hear a conversation in progress. And finally, a gatekeeper

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