Engaging The Theology Of Oscar Romero Essay example

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Engaging the theology of Oscar Romero:

Oscar Romero was a Christian who eventually became part of a community, the priesthood. As he was gradually was promoted to higher position within the Catholic Church, his theological views began to change. As he began to see the oppression of the poor in Salvador and experience rough encounters with the government, he started to question the relationship of God within the community and politics. This engagement paper will discuss Romero’s libertarian theological development and how politics began to intersect with his theology. As a child Romero was taught the traditional views regarding God and the Catholic religion. Hill mentions that as Romero learned more about his religion, he came to the understanding that religious life was centered in the parish church (156). At the age of 13, he was called to be a priest, thus entering the priesthood. In the role of a priest, he was much opposed to the violence and the priests that had taken a radical stand against the government and the rich landowners (Hill, 153). He felt that priests should take a more cautious and conservative stance like him. He felt that politics and religion should not be interconnected, thus teaching his people about spirituality and avoiding political matters. However, Romero’s views eventually changed with his turning point, depicted by Hill. Romero’s initial views regarding his theology started to take a turn when he learned of his best friend’s, Father Rutilio…

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