Engagement Strategy Essay

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Engagement Strategy
Team A J. Blacksher, M. Bolt, C. Diaz, L. Harrell, C. Hughes, L. Lynn
HRM 552/Organizational Training and Development
University of Phoenix
Dr. P. D’Urso, PhD., BBSS
November 19, 2012

Consulting Firm – Engagement Strategy A consulting firm has decided to streamline its process and merged with a software development company. The merger has caused the employees to be disgruntled and angry. The employees do not like change and this has caused morale to drop and production to decrease. Change leadership is needed as this merger will increase the profits of the firm. Additional employees need to be hired and the morale of the current employees needs to be lifted. The following strategies will be
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The following theories will give an understanding on how people actually make choices to work hard or not work at all. Process theories, "exaplin how workers select behavioral actions to meet their needs and determine their choices." (Motivation Theories: Behavior 4) The first one is equity theory. It basically means that rewards is equal to efforts. They do not only look at their rewards, but also see what others have recieved as well. At times employees my feel that they have received less rewards then someone sharing the same workload. In this case behaviors would be, putting less effort in their work, require better treatment, or even transfer or quit their current position. This shows that, "people behave according to their preceptions." (Motivation Theories: Behavior 6) Management needs to always clarify these rewards given, in order to avoid things getting out of hand. Expectancy theory states that an enployees will be motivated at working an perform above average when, "effort will lead to a good performance appraisal, a good appraisal will lead to organizational rewards, and the organizational rewards will satisfy his or her personal goals." (Motivation Theories: Behavior 2) In this

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