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ENG 221 Entire Course Version 5 Technical Writing Fundamentals ENG 221 Entire Course.
ENG 221 Week 1 DQs.
What are the four main purposes of technical writing? What is the goal of informative writing? What is the aim of instructional writing? What is the purpose of reference writing? What is the aim of persuasive writing? When should a document be delivered online? You are the team leader of a work project at Gulfview Architectural and Engineering Services. The team has been involved in this project for a year. During the year, the team has met weekly, every Wednesday at 8:00 A.M. It is now time to assess the team’s successes and
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Research the following:
• The legal and ethical ramifications of an employee’s private use of corporate-owned e-mail and Internet access.
• The legal and ethical ramifications of an employer eavesdropping on an employee’s use of electronic communication.
ENG 221 Week 2 Individual Corporate Memo.
ENG 221 Week 2 User Manual Outline.
ENG 221 Week 3 DQs. What is page design and why is it important? What types of mistakes are common in technical writing? Use at least one example to show the possible mistakes. You have just completed the interview process for a job in your field. You have impeccable credentials, meeting and exceeding all of the requirements. Your interview went very well.
At the close of the interview, one of the interviewers says, “Thank you for interviewing with us. You did a great job answering our questions, and your credentials are truly excellent. However, I think you would find the job unchallenging, maybe even boring. You are overqualified.”
ENG 221 Week 3 Individual Request for Proposal
ENG 221 Week 3 User Manual Draft
ENG 221 Week 4 DQs. What are some techniques for developing effective, interactive, and visual web-based user manuals? What are the benefits and challenges of developing interactive user manuals? Why is it important to establish the necessary criteria before writing a user manual? What criteria are frequently missing or vague in user manuals and

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