Eng 101 Argumentative Alternative Essay

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Bethany Martinez
ENG 101
M. Brown
30 April 2013

Mandatory Financial Counseling Should be Provided to All College Students A growing number of college students today are facing unnecessary hardships upon graduation from college because they lack preparation, and the necessary skills needed to manage their financial circumstances. Lack of knowledge combined with distracting, busy study schedules have led many college students to make poor decisions, leading to costly consequences upon graduation. According to the Project on Student Debt at The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS) in the college graduate class of 2011, two-thirds had an average of $26,600 in student loan debt upon graduation; at the same time the
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The article continues, ["Kristine Beckford, 22, a senior majoring in communications at Lehman College in the Bronx, N.Y., part of the public City University of New York, says she already owes $60,000 to $70,000 in student loans for two other colleges she attended before transferring to Lehman. She's not certain whether they are federal or private loans ("What's the difference?" she asked). The first in her family to attend college, Beckford says she received virtually no financial-aid counseling"] ("Student Debt: Your Threat"). This is a typical example of how naive kids straight out of high school, who have never had to support themselves and virtually no credit, are allowed and often manipulated, into taking out student loans in the tens of thousands of dollars while having virtually no concept of personal financial responsibility. Excessive amounts of student loan debt can plague graduates throughout much of their adult lives. Student loan debt is now at more than $900 billion dollars, according to TICAS ("Average Student Debt Climbs to $26,600 for Class of 2011"). The article reports ["[e]conomists fear that lingering student debt will force many young adults to delay or defer important milestones"... it goes on to say "[y]oung workers with wrecked credit from unaffordable student loans, for example, won't be able to

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