Energy Usage and Carbon Dioxide Emission Are the Largest Problem in the Global Community

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In nowadays, we are facing some global issues regarding the area of environmental and economic. Energy usage and carbon dioxide emission are the largest problem in the global community. Householders use energy in the house consumes the most in the level of emission the total use of energy. The aim of this essay is to define factors that easily affect householders on making decision of the types and source of energy they use. And how they decide on the use of energy efficient appliances.
Energy is an important element in our global world. It plays a necessary role in our daily life.

PJ growth %
2011-12 2010/11- 2011/12
Agriculture 95.8 1.5
Mining 536.2 1.7
Manufacturing and construction 995.2 -3.9
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One of the reasons is because the increase pupation. By the increased of population, the amount of household energy usage will increase. Electricity is the most large of energy that household used. Natural gas is the second large , while the amount of LPG and solar energy are quite similar.
Household decision making on energy use

The factors which will affect households’ decisions regard to the energy efficiency gap tend to inclusive of imperfect information and principle-agent problems. For imperfect information, household cares about the energy performance regard of different technologies. The energy efficiency is one of the major comprises consideration when households choose to consume between the products, where different product provides different voltage usage. Thereby, the insufficient or costly inaccurate information regard of the different technologies energy performance can be due to the cost of getting information and the public good attributes of information and different social network. More deeply, the companies who sales the energy efficient appliances will only provide the advantages information of the particular model to the consumers but will not provide information on energy-efficient regarding. As result, consumer will tend to have insufficient or inaccurate information of the quality of the machine energy efficiency usage.
For the principle-agent problems, it is use to explain market failures that the problem

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