Energy Security : The Keystone Pipeline Essay

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Energy Security: The Keystone Pipeline
You see them every day as you’re driving down the interstate. Big trucks carrying cylinder-type trailers with hazmat placards strategically placed around them. There are rail systems that may pass through your neighborhoods and or near your child’s school with loads larger than what 18-wheeler can carry. We know these rail systems, as trains. What you may not know is, these trains are carrying tankers filled with natural gas, with loads stretching miles long. Accidents involving trailer trailers and or rail systems carrying hazardous loads don’t occur every day but when they do, the results are catastrophic. The Keystone XL pipeline is a safer and more efficient means to move natural gas through the middle of the lower 48 states (Waldman). The construction and development of the Keystone XL pipeline will be crucial in American’s energy security as well creating employment opportunities for thousands in the process.
The Keystone XL pipeline is pipe system that will transport oil sands from Canada and the northern United States to refineries located on the Gulf Coast (Nocera). The pipeline will be over 1,100 miles and run through the central part of the country. Drilling, extraction sites and oil refineries are the collective consciousness when Americans think “energy,” but it’s the midstream operations that enable both (Generous). That’s where the Keystone XL pipeline…

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