Essay on Energy Resources – Strategies and National Safety

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Group report: Energy resources – Strategies and National Safety (能源战略与国家安全) Presented by Prof. Way Kuo on 18th September 2014

Prepared by Group 14: LEUNG Wai Hung, Calvin (53924394) LU, Yan Hui (53833750) QIU, Tao (53997233) SU, Jiahui (53739822) YANG, Xi (53863790)

It was our honor to attend the presentation on “Energy Resources – Strategies and National Safety” given by Professor Way Kuo, the President of City University of Hong Kong and University Distinguished Professor. As an expert in the area of safety reliability, Professor Kuo wrote one of his popular science books named “Key Report of Nuclear Power” (2013), which
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In the presentation, Professor Kuo mentioned that the term of ‘nuclear safety’ included two parts. One of them was human safety and the other one was national security. Obviously, it was necessary to ensure both people and nation could be living and developing without any danger when applying nuclear. Since nuclear had radioactivity, the consequences of nuclear accidents were not only arousing great property loss, but also remained the nuclear waste which produced severe radiation to humans and


environment in the long-term. According to Moray, N. P., & Huey, B. M. (1988), most nuclear accidents were happened because of human factor. In order to eliminate these accidents, educating and training would be critical on how to well-manage the use of nuclear, and developing an emergency backup mechanism would also become the vital challenges to face of humans. Inevitable trend to transform Apart from the aspect of energy safety, environmental protection was another concern in this realm. The most direct influence of thermal power generation was global warming. It was because of the exhaust gas carbon dioxide had detrimental impact on environment and became the aggravation factor of global warming. It was said that thermal power generation had sacrificed the environment and converted to a lower cost method on electricity generation. Thus, reducing utilization of thermal power

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