Essay on Energy Resources : Renewable Resources

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Renewable Resources Humanity has very much enjoyed been driven around by fossil fuels. Our whole society relies on this machines we call automobiles who have been around since the invention of the first auto by Karl Benz (WhoInventedtheAuomobile). It does not matter where you go, if it 's either long distance or just for pleasure, motorized vehicles are the main means used for transportation. It can go as far as saying that the creation of automobiles functioning with gasoline has been the best invention since buttered bread yet again our days of this type of transportation are almost over. We dependent so much on this type of transportation yet again society does not stop to think what will we do when the resource, fossil fuels, are no longer enough to continue to support the transporting needs. Today more than ever it is necessary to come up with a new idea that will successfully replace gasoline as we know it. In order to come up with a definite solution to this very real problem it is necessary to think about the things we have to change not just in these non-renewable resources that hurt our environment but also in the technology needed to accomplish this new invention. Our world is made up of two of the following things renewable and non renewable resources. Renewable resources are energies that are able to be produced in a very short amount of time or renewed at the same rate as population consumption. For example, energies such as solar energy, wind mechanisms,…

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