Energy Resources Impact The Environment Essay

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All energy resources impact the environment, both in a negative and positive manner. Many of the environmental complications the world is fronting today is a result of Fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is currently the primary source of energy in the world. We as humans use fossil fuels in our everyday lives, these include transportation, habitation, electronics and industrial activities, but these resources have been maltreated hence it is said that we are the most polluting species on earth. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas produce CO2. Coal releases toxic mercury into communities, destroying the environment, this is mainly because of its high carbon content, coal releases more CO2 than any other fossil fuel when it burns and it is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. To limit these issues, the South Australian government is planning to build a nuclear power plant considering the location at which it will be built as well as deliberating all of the negatives and the positives of the energy source.
The function of the nuclear power plant is very comparable to the fossil fuel power plant; water is turned into steam. There are two different types of methods are used to generate power using nuclear processes. The first process is the nuclear fission. This is the process where large velocity is used to fire the neutrons at the nuclei of uranium, plutonium or thorium. The nucleus is then spilt in half by the neutrons releasing large amounts of energy. The second…

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