Energy Is The Human Body With Energy Essay

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‘Energy is involved in all life cycles, and it is essential in agriculture as much as in all other productive activities. An elementary food chain already shows the need for energy: crops need energy From solar radiation to grow, harvesting needs energy from the human body in order to work, and cooking needs energy from biomass in a fire. The food, in its turn, provides the human body with energy’ ("Chapter 1 - Basic energy concepts*," n.d.). There are several types of energy. First is kinetic energy, an example of this is when a baseball is flying through the air and its motion is relative to the ground. We also have potential energy, which is when you are holding a ball above the ground before you let go, it is potential energy because once you let go gravity will accelerate the ball. Another form of energy is thermal, or heat energy. ‘Consider a hot cup of coffee. The coffee is said to possess "thermal energy", or "heat energy" which is really the collective, microscopic, kinetic and potential energy of the molecules in the coffee (the molecules have kinetic energy because they are moving and vibrating, and they have potential energy due their mutual attraction for one another - much the same way that the book and the Earth have potential energy because they attract each other)’ ("Forms of Energy," n.d.). Next we have chemical energy. An example of this would be your body’s ability to break down glucose to form energy. Finally, we have electrical energy. A fairly simple…

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