Energy Is An Essential Element For Human Life And A Nation 's Economic Development

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Energy is an essential element for human life and a nation 's economic development. Throughout the years, human’s primary sources of energy have come from oil and coal. However, the world is facing the issue where it is not sure if it can produce an increasing amount of energy to supply what it consumes. The world wants to assure everyone that there is enough energy for the future generations to come. There are now new natural ways of providing energy that might ensure enough energy for the future without harming the environment, but these types of energy are not easy and cheap to obtain. As a result, the world would have to change from traditional energy sources to more credible ways of producing energy such as solar power, wind power, biomass energy, and hydrogen.
The issue now is that the world is spending more than its need. There is not enough supply to meet the demand. “The world’s energy demand has doubled over the past thirty-five years, and it is projected to increase again by one-third by 2035”. Global Issues and Controversies, ch. 8, page 199. The reason is that people around the world, especially in developed countries, are getting out the rural areas and moving to urban cities and are getting out of poverty to have a better lifestyle. That increases the number of cars, air conditioned homes, more televisions, and so forth. The word is using and spending more energy than what it supposed to be. The government of China released the 13th five-year plan to keep…

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