Energy For Future Presidents By Richard J. Muller Essays

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1.0 Introduction Richard J. Muller is an accomplished professor at the University of California at Berkeley with expertise in a variety of areas including: energy efficiency, conservation, solar power, and nuclear power. His book “Energy for Future Presidents” is an open monologue where Muller expresses his thoughts on the current state of energy sources and its potential in a growing world where the demand for energy is continually escalating. The need for this book stems from a lack of in-depth knowledge about energy sources and the issues surrounding it. This publication focuses around exploring alternatives for energy security in the United States, while also keeping in mind the effects that these energy sources have on global warming. One of the greatest strengths encompassed within the reading pertains to the author’s ability to be non-subjective in his writing and that the author offers a different perspective on energy; separate from the way the world understands it. However, despite its ability to present a different perspective on energy sources, the writing overwhelms to reader with an influx of information, making it difficult to retain all of the facts, data, and information. 2.0 Summary of Key Arguments If it has not already started, there are two central issues that will begin to plague the United States and the rest of the nations of the world in the coming years. Energy security and global warming will become the forefront of many discussions and…

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