Analysis: Energizing People Through Change

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o VII - Energizing the Organization Personal Energy Energizing People Through Change
This section of the Leadership Engine deals with how leaders must be high-energy people in order to get energy out of others within the organization. Successful leaders are able to keep the focus and are determined to achieve their goals no matter what it takes. This is a driving force for them because it keeps them challenged and makes the job enjoyable. Good leaders generate energy in order to energize others to be more productive in the organization. They are able to help people within the organization focus their energy on positively overcoming new challenges and finding ways to overcome those challenges. This shows the importance for leaders to understand
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These leaders don’t accept just being good, that is not good enough. They apply the knowledge and wisdom needed to find the best way to do the job in order to ensure the organization’s success. They are not afraid of change and welcome it. They are able to transition well and draw energy from these transitions to energize others. They work to help change the mindsets of people in order to get the results needed for the organization. o VIII - Edge Tough Decisions Enhancing Your Edge
This section focuses on how winning leaders face hard facts and make tough decisions, take risks and endure the pain that comes along with the territory. They never take the easy way out. People within their organizations are able to see the need for change and understand that there is not a choice as to whether or not the change is needed, but rather a choice as to if you are going to be a part of the forward movement or not. They are able to promote a level of risk-taking and confront the failures of the risks. Winning leaders are more focused on pursuing the truth and are able to explain it to others. These leaders have edge. They face the hard realities of the day and sort through
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Winning leaders prepare organizations to respond to change and sustain success. This success is achieved by developing other leaders who are agile and effective. The best leaders know when it is their time to leave in order to let the new leaders lead. They don’t just stay around when it is time for the next leader to take over. Winning leaders focus on how many people they developed within the leadership period. Leaders must develop other leaders who are capable of promoting the continued success of the company. Winning leaders must be able to teach, to listen to other and to let others lead as well. A true test for winning leaders is their ability to get out of the way when it is time. It is important to note that there is no perfect leader and all leaders have their strong and weak points. The jobs of winning leaders are complex and demanding and should be taken seriously. They must be able to make tough decisions, be conscientious learners and teachers who are dedicated to developing everyone to be the

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