Energy Drinks, They Are Good Right Essay

730 Words Sep 16th, 2015 3 Pages
Energy drinks, they are good right. Wrong, they are bad for you; it could be considered just as dangerous to your health as tobacco, drugs, or alcohol. Sure it hasn’t killed as many people but someday it will get there. Especially if there are no laws made about it. It is truly harming kids because their bodies are not developed enough yet and it’s really affecting their health. Monsters, there was a boy who had drank three of them quickly. Who know why but he did, well that boy is now dead. Most kids don’t realize what these things can do to them and neither do their parents. If parents knew about all the harmful effects then all of these companies would have been closed many years ago. But because of the kids there are hundreds of companies making energy drinks and it has become very profitable for them. Parents used to not let the their kids drink Mountain Dew, but they aren’t even a quarter as bad as these energy drinks. Energy drinks have many lie on their labels that make them look not as bad. In reality they are packed with tons of sugar and caffeine. They disguise most of the actual caffeine they have in it with names like, proprietary blend, taurine, and ubiquitous B vitamins. Even if they list all of those things they labels are of around 20% on average when it comes to the caffeine. The two leaders in the energy drink business are Redbull and Monster. They both contain around 10 mg of caffeine per ounce. But Monster came out with a new drink called M3. It is a…

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