Energy Drinks Speech Essay

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I. INTRODUCTION A. People all over the world have been getting a jolt of energy from a cup of coffee or tea in the morning for hundreds of years, so getting that jolt in a little can seems to make sense, right? B. The desire for a powerful energy drink can lead to a lot of misinformation. C. There is a lot of misinformation about energy drinks in regards to they speed up your metabolism, help you with your workout, mixing these drinks with alcohol, and the effects on your body. II. BODY OF THE SPEECH D. Energy drinks speed up your metabolism. 1. A 16 oz. can energy drink may contain 13 teaspoons of sugar and the same amount of caffeine found in 4 or more colas. 2. The sudden energy rush …show more content…
These drinks are not recognized by the FDA. 11. Seizures that are caused by energy drinks are due to the “crash” that follows the energy high. 12. With the large amounts of sugar and citric acid from these energy drinks also comes an increased risk for cavities and the breakdown of the enamel on your teeth. III. CONCLUSION H. The bottle line on energy drinks is that taken in moderation will not cause you any harm. I. I know our society strives on immediate gratification and convenience but a healthier, cheaper alternative is just to eat an apple. You’ll be getting the energy, fiber and vitamins while avoiding the sugar and caffeine.

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