Energy Consumption Essay

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Register to read the introduction… This type of energy supplies the most widely used sector, being petroleum products. Most of this sector is primarily used for transportation. Not surprisingly, of all fossil fuels, the United States consumes the most crude oil, coming in at 526 Mt’s. The second highest consumer is Japan, with only 209 Mt’s. The world total is 2,057 Mt’s, and therefore, the United Sates consumes over 25% of the world total of oil consumed (Key World Energy). This excessive rate of consumption poses serious threats to the economic future of the United
States. If the country wants to keep unemployment down, inflation rates low, and the deficit to a minimum, then there needs to be more research and expansion in alternative fuel sources. This is becoming increasingly important due to uncertain relationships with the Middle East, which supplies a good percent of the world’s oil.

Focusing specifically upon petroleum products, the United States is also the highest consumer, at a rate of 80 Mt’s. The Netherlands and Japan tie for second with only 47 (Key World Energy). According to the Energy Information Administration,
“petroleum products fall into three major categories: fuels such as motor gasoline
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Of renewable energy, residential commercial and public use accounts for 58% of total use, while transportation accounts for only 3% (Renewables).
This is somewhat discouraging since transportation and industries consume most of the available energy.

Transportation may be where petroleum products are most valuable. It would be hard to fly an airplane on nuclear, hydro, solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, wave, or wind power.

Although it seems like the United States is the primary culprit in fossil fuel energy consumption, it is investing a lot of money—not half as much as it took to finance the war in Iraq or national military defense--into alternative renewable energies, such as nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is produced by power plants that make energy for widespread use.

Nuclear power is used almost entirely for electricity generation.
It has been somewhat of a controversial issue because of the dangerous production process. Despite this, the United States consumes an incredible 768.8 billion kilowatt hours of the North American total of 850.0 billion kilowatt hours. Western Europe consumes the most nuclear energy, with 875.4 billion kilowatt hours with the total

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