Energy Consumption : At Alpha Essay

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Energy Consumption At Alpha Drugs energy consumption can improve dramatically. Currently, the only measures in place to decrease energy consumption are turning of computer monitor and half the lights at one location. Though, the server needs to stay running, there are opportunities to turn of or put to sleep the other computers and electronic products in the pharmacies The lights at the pharmacies currently stay running 356 days a year due to the inability of security camera to record with night vision or pick up low levels of light. Additionally, the current lighting at both locations is old fluorescent lighting that utilizes 40 watts, which is currently the least optimal type of light bulb available in the marketplace. Likely one of the largest consumer of electricity at the pharmacies is the outdated air conditioning and heating units. It is recommended from the Getting Green article by Wick in the Pharmacy Times that pharmacies update old equipment to new energy efficient ones and adopt energy saving heating and cooling practices, however it may be difficult to change due to the property being leased. Waste Disposal Currently the city of Anaheim, in which both Alpha Drugs pharmacies reside in, separate and recycle waste at their waste management site and therefore, the plastic and paper, which the majority of the waste, is being recycled properly. Even before being trashed, both pharmacies reuse advertising, junk, and old fax paper as scratch paper, so long as…

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