Energy And Solar Power

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Energy is a mysterious and everlasting component which exists within the universe; it is the existential source of power which human beings have harnessed through technology in order to progress and evolve. It is fair to note that energy is quintessential to every action and reaction occurring in the universe at all times. Furthermore, the law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but can be transferred between different forms and states and even between objects. The transfer and application of energy to technology is a power human beings have been wielding and harnessing for years. Moreover, there is still so much to learn in terms of energy acting within the universe. Every day human beings continue …show more content…
There are actually two different types of solar power which serve separate purposes: solar thermal, and photovoltaic (or PV). Solar thermal panels use the sun’s energy in order to heat water to be used in washing and heating, and PV panels turn the sun’s energy directly into electricity through the implementation known as the photovoltaic effect. (EDF Energy, 2016). This type of power is not only much cleaner than its competition but can also replace the power supply of entire buildings. Not only can solar power be applied to the maintenance and power of buildings, but it can also be applied to many different types of technology. For example, solar panels can actually be fixated and applied to a vehicle, causing it to be powered by energy directly from the sun in a much cleaner manner than the opposing fossil fuel energy. Not only is fossil fuel much worse for the environment in total, but it is also much less efficient in terms of time due to the fact that fossil fuels are a very limited source on Earth, unlike solar energy. The sun will continue to produce energy for billions of years, supplying Earth with its energy constantly. The harnessing of such a near-unlimited power is extremely influential to the future of the human race as one day it may be one of the only sources of energy able to be utilized for human technology. The constant emission of energy from the sun (or any star in the universe for that matter) is an ideal example of the increasing entropy of the universe. The solar energy human beings harness and use for power is constantly emitting from a much more orderly and contained state (within the sun) to a much more disorderly and disarrayed state (emitting in every direction from the sun into the ever increasing void known as the

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