Energy And Energy Of Fuels Essay

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Fuels may be thought of as substances that will combust air to produce heat energy. The earliest fuels used by humans were wood, charcoal and peat, but today the commonly used fuels are coal, petroleum and natural gas. Fuels vary in their suitability for different purposes. Most fuels release energy by reacting with oxygen. (, 2015)
To select a fuel appropriate to a particular application, aspects such as safety and heat of combustion should be considered.
Hydrocarbons are simple organic compounds containing only hydrogen and carbon. The four general groups of Hydrocarbons are:
• Alkanes,
• Alkenes,
• Alkynes, and
• Aromatics
(, 2015)
Pentane, Propane-1-ol and Propane-2-ol are all part of the group Alkanes, they all fall under a sub category called Alkanols which are commonly referred to as alcohols. This means that they are hydrocarbons in which all the bonds are single. Alcohols are compounds in which one or more hydrogen atoms in an alkane have been replaced by an -OH group. (, 2015)
The melting and boiling points of alkanes increase as molecular weight increases (as the number of Carbon atoms increases) (Freeman, 2015). Dispersion also increases as the molecular weight increases.
Alkane’s burn in air to form Carbon dioxide and water, in doing so they also liberate large amounts of heat (and light).
There are two types of reactions, exothermic reactions and endothermic reactions. Reactions that…

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