Essay on Endocrine System Disorders

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Endocrine System Disorders

So I have this friend with all these symptoms that look to me that they might have something to do with her thyroid, which would be related to her endocrine system, and she is looking for some advice, so based on what I know and have researched I will try to give her some insight. I am one of those women who has had issues with my thyroid. Several years ago I was taking medication for hypothyroidism, and after a year or so my levels came back normal so my physician took me off. Well once again the symptoms are back but test come back normal, so I have done some research on my own. For me I am questioning what is really normal for me.
As one might know, there are these guide that show what physicians call the normal range. At one time there were studies done on people to come up with the normal range, however I believe that not everyone falls into the normal range. What if my normal isn’t with in their range? In my researching I am finding that many women have thyroid issues, but a lot of the time it is hard to pin point. There are not only the tests for free T3, free T4, but there are several other test that the physicians can test for. But for some reason a lot of physicians don’t do these other test, could be that insurance companies don’t cover the cost, or the physicians just pass it off as women are just depressed and prescribe anti-depressants. As that is what I am going through at this time, and I don’t feel that I am depressed.…

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