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ELEC5208 Intelligent Electricity Networks
Pre-lab 2 SCADA System - Faults in Unloaded System
Question 1
Due to the Micom meters and replays in the PSS1, Micom S10 is used as the IED user software. Please take some research to find if there is any other IED user software used in current electric utilities to implement system automation, such as from ABB,
Schneider, etc. Present another three examples, compare and comment on their features. Are there any special features required for distribution system comparing with transmission system?

1. The first example comes from Schneider Electric. The software is called microcom S1 studio Microcom S1 Studio Schneider Electric universal IED support software, to provide users
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Project Browser can be used to navigate to a project / substation, and then improvised explosive device improvised explosive device inside used to scroll to different functions of the IED. Users can create a substation, voltage level plant architecture, bay, and the IED. IED templates can also be used to create a new improvised explosive devices. This allows existing
IED configuration reuse. IEDs, bays, voltage levels or the entire substation can be copied and pasted in the plant structure. In the Project Explorer specific to the IED selection tool. Import and export of IEC 61850 substation configurations, the functions described devices and device configuration capabilities allow information with other engineering and system

integration tools share. By using the Project Explorer's filtering function, the user can filter the information to other devices according to the selection made.

Parameter setting PCM600 and IED enables viewing parameters offline (stored in the tool) and the network (in the storage device and the IED both) setting. This parameter can be read from or written from the IED to PCM600 PCM600 to the IED and the relay is in service. In addition, the set can export and import XRIO format test set (for example, Omicron cosmic test) or CSV output format can be easily read and reused. Parameter setting function can be used in two

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