What Are The Events That Cause Gatsby's Death

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Now that Gatsby has gotten Daisy he calls off the parties as they were primarily for him to try to lure her in, and he fires all of his servants to prevent gossip. In place of his old servants are shady people that probably have some connection with Meyer Wolfshiem. Nick travels to East Egg to have lunch with Tom and Daisy, and when he arrives he is surprised to see that Jordan and Gatsby are also there. When they are all settled a nurse brings in Daisy’s daughter and Gatsby is utterly shocked by the sight of her, also Daisy doesn 't seem to be that concerned for her daughter and just leaves her up to the nurse. This afternoon with the four of them is quite awkward as Daisy and Gatsby cannot seem to hide their love for one another which cause …show more content…
He talks about the events that surrounded the funeral, like the mass amounts of reporters, journalists, and a bunch of other random people. Rumored stories even worse then the ones told about him when he was alive were being told, mostly about the relationship that Gatsby had with Myrtle and Wilson. Nick tries to create a large funeral for Gatsby knowing that, that is what he would have wanted. But with no avail people just simply disappeared, like Tom and Daisy who didn 't even leave a forwarding address or they just didn 't want to come like some of Gatsby’s other friends. The only people that end up going to Gatsby’s funeral is Nick, Owl Eyes, some servants, and Gatsby’s father. Gatsby’s father is very proud of his son and even saved a picture of Gatsby’s house that Gatsby had sent him. His father also tells Nick about Gatsby’s childhood and shows him a book in which Gatsby wrote down his schedule in the back of it. Nick gets sick of the East after everything that has happened and decides to move back to the Midwest. He breaks up with Jordan who says that she has become engaged to another man. Before Nick leaves his runs into Tom in New York City, at first Nick refuses to shake Tom’s hand but eventually accepts. Tom confesses that he is the one who told Wilson that Gatsby killed Myrtle and that he deserved to die. After this encounter Nick comes to the conclusion that Tom and Daisy are just cowards who hide behind their money. On Nick’s last day living in the East he goes over to Gatsby’s empty mansion and sprawls out on the beach behind the house. Nick looks up to the moon and imagine what it would have been like to discover the new world, what the island would look like without all of the houses. He then compares that to Gatsby and Daisy’s

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