Ender 's Game By Orson Scott Card Essay

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Imagine if someone told you that your video games were real! Every choice that you made, thinking it was just in the game, actually happened. Depending on the type of video game you play, that reality might mean jail time. For Ender, it meant deception and disappointment.
While the plot in the 1985 science fiction novel, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is the same as the 2013 Ender’s Game movie directed by Gavin Hood, there are some similarities and some differences. The plot revolves around a young boy, Andrew Wiggins, who they call Ender. Ender is a third child in a world where only two children are allowed. He is one of the children of extraordinary intelligence selected from Earth to be tested so that he may possibly become a commander of the army to defeat the alien Buggers. While Ender proves his ability to be a commander, he thinks he is doing so in a simulation. He learns, in the end, that it was all real and the decisions he made were actually used to defeat the Bugger planet and more. In order to fully understand the plot, which evolved through many of Ender’s struggles and relationships leading up to his defeating the Buggers, you have to read the detailed accounts that can only be found in the book. The movie was unable to portray enough detail and history to allow the audience to really know Ender. Therefore, the Ender’s Game book is a better choice than the Ender’s Game movie.
There were a few crucial elements of the Ender’s Game Story that, without, would…

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