Ender’s Game: A Simulation to Justify All Means Essay

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Ender’s Game: A Simulation to Justify All Means
Ender's Game is author Orson Scott Card's best-known work. The novel has sold over one million copies and is published worldwide (Whyte). The novel won the Hugo and Nebula award in 1986; science fiction’s most prestigious writing awards (University of Utah). In summary, the plot of the novel is a story about a young child, Ender Wiggin, taken away from his family by the International Fleet (a world order devoted to protecting the planet from space invaders) in order to train him to be a military genius to defend the human race from an alien species (Buggers) that has already attacked Earth twice. At the end of the novel Ender kills the entire bugger race but does not know it until after the
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(Baudrillard 16)
Baudrillard is imploring that when a threat to a system is identified it leads to a situation where now the ends justify the means in preserving that system. In the case of our reality we prepare for nuclear war (bombs and bomb shelters) in order to survive: the ends justifies the means. Card parallels this ideology when, child soldiers become necessary to raise brilliant commanders to save the human race from the buggers: ends justify the means. Ender’s character “lives in a military paradigm which assumes humans are malleable, controllable objects” (Blackmore 2). Control resides in large hegemonic institutions, not individuals. “The military paradigm abides by a strict utilitarian philosophy in which ends overcome any and all means; human costs are unimportant” (Blackmore 2).Within the novel’s paradigm is an accepted paradox. The individual must be sacrificed in order to maintain the existence of humanity and its hegemonic institutions. Essentially it is a paradigm that values sacrificing the individual to preserve other individual’s rights.
From the start of the novel, when Ender is taken away from his family at age six to become a child solider, the reader can see simulacra taking place. Throughout the entire novel the reader is given reasons as to why the ends justify the

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