Endangered Population Essay

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Sustainability Issue and Targeted Population
According to the World Wildlife Fund (2006), saving endangered species like pandas, gorillas and tigers can help to reduce poverty as well as to improve the lives of local communities (WWF, 2006). As Ginnette Hinley, vice president for species conservation for the WWF states,
Now 's the time to recognize the strong connections between sustainable economic development, a healthy environment, and successful species conservation. WWF 's new report provides clear evidence that when endangered species benefit, people also benefit…Problems that threaten species like the destruction of habitats and natural resources often contribute to poverty (World Wildlife Fund, 2006).
How true this is, as reports by the WWF have found that in China, prohibited, unlawful and destructive activities, such as poaching, that occur primarily in those forested panda reserves, have a noted decrease when the surrounding communities acquired alternative sources of income (World Wildlife Fund, 2006) . These alternative sources are those such as gains in farming and animal husbandries that have been supported by WWF.
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Today, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has found that there are only as many as 1,864 giant pandas in the wild (World Wildlife Fund, 2015). These numbers are those reported since the release of China’s Fourth National Giant Panda Survey in 2015. While half of the giant panda’s habitat is not yet protected, there is the firm belief that if the trend continues, it is highly possible that the smaller populations of pandas will become extinct as they become more isolated and cut-off from their species, inhibiting their

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