Informative Essay On Endangered Pangolins

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Endangered Pangolins
People are trying to save Pangolins because it is the most illegally traded animal in the world and before they are eaten to extinction. There are up to 100,000 Pangolins that are estimated to be hunted and sold every year. Which is making them the most traded animal in the world.
How are people helping: Well people are trying to find these animals in the wild and to put them in a safe place where they don’t have to be hunted and also so they don’t go extinct. Well and when they are in the safe place there are female pangolins and male pangolins there they can make baby Pangolins so they don’t go extinct.
Facts about Pangolins
Pangolins are the only animal that is scaly in the world
The Pangolins are also known as a scaly anteater
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The Sloth bears will try to find shelter in caves or trees when it rains. When the mother has babies they normally have up to three baby cubs. Cubs will stay with their mother because the father don’t help raise the cubs but after three years the cubs will go live alone.

You might think there are a lot of Sloth bears left on how much I have told you from the slide before this but if you are thinking that you are wrong there aren’t many Sloth bears left. People cleared forests which made the Sloth bears to lose their homes. But today people are helping the sloths bears and the people are creating Sloth bear sanctuaries.
Facts about sloth bears
Sloth bears also eat fruits
Sloth bears are also called honey bears because they like to eat honey
Tigers like to eat Sloth bears
Cubs ride on their mothers backs
Sloths bears have shaggy black fur and white markings on their chest
They have long white snouts
Sloth bears can grow up to 6 feet ( 1.8 m ) long
They are smaller than other bears

Habitat: Forest and grasslands
Range: India
Size: 121-308 pounds (55-140 kg), 60-75 inches (150-190

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