Endangered Animals : Endangered Species Essay

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“Out of the 41,415 species on the Red List 16,306 of them are endangered and on the brink of extinction” (Endangered Earth.com, 2016 ). We know that endangered animals have been becoming closer and closer to extinction, but what is considered an endangered animal? There are a few things that the species have to be to be classified an endangered species. Some of the reasons are, when the species has very limited space and when there are only a few mature individuals. The biggest one is the limited space, as we keep taking land from the animals.

Limited Space
A habitat is not only an animal 's home, it is the place where it finds food and raises it’s babies. When a species is limited to living in a confined amount of space it is classified as endangered because, when it is limited in a small area, it can’t have it’s own territory, and it makes it hard to breed. And a lot of species can live in one place. For example, “about 50 percent of the plants and animals on the earth live in the rainforests” (conserve-energy-future.com, n.d.). This shows that a lot of animals can live in one space and that when we limit that space, all of those species are at risk of becoming endangered. When a species has a limited space of under 5,000 square kilometers, that animal is considered endangered.

Only a few mature individuals
An animal needs a territory that they can have, and when they don’t have a territory it makes it hard to mate. When a species doesn’t really have their…

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