Powerful Memories

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Nature in its untouched form often produces powerful memories through its harsh beauty, never ending visual changes and power of persuasion. Upon witnessing this, people become emotionally attached to its elements and natural aspects. This is evident throughout the poems “End of the Road” by Brian Turner, “Takapuna Beach” and “Under Mangere Mountain” by David Eggleton, and “Place to be” by Ben Stokes. Each author's purpose is to share their emotional attachment with readers which allows them to understand the conceptual theme of how powerful memories can encourage an individual to form an emotional attachment to a place.

Within “End of the Road” Brian Turner illustrates the theme powerful memories can encourage an individual to form an emotional
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Eggleton indulges the readers when describing every aspect of Takapuna beach through the use of his comparison techniques and his metaphorical phrases relating to the sea and sun. By using creative and visionary language such as, “A radiant glut of water, a marbled ocean” the readers become one with him and his memories and his connections with nature. When Eggleton writes, “Aotearoa’s a dreamboat on the perfect ocean, the America’s cup’s found in a cornflakes packet” he means that New Zealand is a place of dreams resting on the most beautiful and elegant ocean like a rare prize that everyone wants, thus connecting to the text “End of the Road”. Turner and Eggleton both experienced wondrous visual destinations that have been so influential on how each author portrays their memories. Eggleton’s reason for writing this poem is to teach people in general that beaches, such as Takapuna are alive, they should be treated with care and respect as they represent New Zealand’s beautiful …show more content…
The poem too highlights the theme powerful memories can encourage an individual to form an emotional attachment to a place. The poet shows this by presenting his strong attraction to the area around Mangere Mountain through the use of clever metaphor and personification phrases. He compares the roads to the outline of attractive women and the lifelike environment surrounding the mountain. The readers are once again drawn in the world of the poet and their emotional attachment to nature. The line, “Steam rises from the concrete curves of airport motels” shows Eggleton’s emotional attachment. His attraction to the place is unnatural because in reality airport roads and motels are generally dirty and unpleasant to most people. However, Eggleton talks as if the curves of concrete are the curves of a woman and that she is attractive. Another example would be “Leaves are emerald geckos doing acrobatics. The jelly-green hill quivers”. This helps illustrate an understanding to readers that the poet views Mangere mountain as something alive which also connects this poem to “Takapuna Beach” which depicts beaches are alive. Upon seeing these places, David Eggleton has taken these memories and constructed them into the feelings of affection and admiration. His purpose is to make people appreciate the hidden beauties that is all around us like buried gems waiting to be

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