Essay on End of Life Care

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Workbook 2 Assessment and Care Planning in End of Life Care
Q1: Complete the following table, describing the needs you would have to consider when planning the different aspects of end of life care for an individual Planning for | Description of the needs that should be considered | Physical needs (health and well-being) | Some physical needs are essential in order to sustain life and remain healthy; other physical needs contribute to comfort and satisfaction. The physical needs essential for health are oxygen, water, food, protection and sleep. Some of these link to maslow’s hierarchy of needs which explains that if our basic needs are not addressed then we cannot progress further, when a person feels in good health they feel
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All information around the care needs to be communicated in a way that can be understood to not only the individual but also the family/carers. You will need to be aware of language and cultural barriers that need to be addressed and may need to ensure there are translators available to assist, especially if around issues such as for funeral arrangements.
As the term holistic means, you need to look at the whole situation and not just from the individual’s perspective to ensure a package of care incorporates all who are going to be involved in the end of life care.

Q3: Explain why it is important to ensure that the individual is at the centre of all aspects of end of life care planning

It is important to ensure that the service user is at the centre of all end of life care planning as this is what person-centred approaches is all about; it is at the forefront of person-centred work.
Being person centred or using person centred approaches means ensuring that everything we do is based upon what is important to a person from their own perspective. Person Centred planning discovers and acts on what is important to a person. Person Centred planning helps do this by discovering and acting on what matters to a person. It gives us a structure to help us continually listen and learn about what is important to a person now and in the future and to act on this in alliance with friends and family. It requires a

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