Essay on End Of Learning For Self Driving Cars

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Bojarski, Mariusz, et al. "End To End Learning For Self-Driving Cars." (2016): arXiv. Web. 18
Oct. 2016.
Computers now have the ability to have cameras that affect steering. With little training or human input cars are able to learn about their surroundings and navigate through. Cars are now able to figure out ways through more unique driving scenarios. Eventually most things humans require to drive, for example lane markings or speed limits can be removed for self-driving cars. With a more autonomous car there will be less driving errors and drive times will be reduced. I think I will use this as logos because if we replace all cars with self driving cars, then accidents rates should go down and you will be able to travel around faster due to more open roads.
Cohen, Roy Alan. "Self-Driving Technology And Autonomous Vehicles: A Whole New World
For Potential Product Liability Discussion." Defense Counsel Journal 82.3 (2015):
328-334. Business Source Premier. Web. 18 Oct. 2016.
This article brings up the point that who is liable for these cars. Is it the driver or the company that made it? There are going to have to be state or federal laws regulating these cars. If a car does crash then the owner of the car might have to prove that there was a defect or error in the car to show that it wasn 't their fault. This will depend on the warnings that come with the car. I can see a problem with this because it could be a small guy trying to sue big business, unless there are laws…

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