Essay on End All Wars : Movie Analysis

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In the movie “To End All Wars” we see a group of soldiers during World War II who get captured by the Japanese and try to survive until the end of the war. This movie gives the viewer a great example of the power of forgiveness, self-sacrifice and God’s peace in the midst of the most terrible of circumstances still remains. Throughout this paper, we will look at cultural texts for the movie “To End All Wars” and see how this movie helps us as viewers change the way we think when watching movies. I will theologically compare how this movie portrays the power of forgiveness.
The World “Behind” the Text: “To End All Wars” is based on a true story based on a group of soldiers that become prisoners of war. These soldiers fight to stay alive and at the same time treat their captors in a way that goes against natural human tendencies. This film gives us great examples two different cultures that also have two differing religious beliefs, the Bushido Code and Christianity. This film also gives us an example of how we are to forgive everyone even those who oppress us. We see a group of soldiers try to make the best of their situation. They found ways to improve their lives in the camp by caring for each other, starting a university and creating an orchestra. The screenwriter of “To End All Wars” was Brian Godawa. He first learned about this story when he Jack Hafer who was the producer of the movie. Jack asked Brian to write the script of a movie that he has wanted to make for…

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