Encounter Is Students And Their Parents Not Taking Me Seriously

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The biggest challenge I am prepared to encounter is students and their parents not taking me seriously because of my age. I have a passion for working with older students and mentoring them as they begin making huge decisions in their life. However, with that passion comes the issue of me being relatively close to their age and the potential of them seeing me more as a friend than their educator. I never thought that would be a problem until I had field hours in a high school and on several occasions had to remind the students that I was not there to be their friend and they needed to regard me as they would any other teacher. I was fortunate during that same field experience that the parents were on board and supportive, but that may not always be the case.
Any time I am asked what I plan to do when I graduate I proudly state that I want to teach. No matter who I talk to they always respond in the same way; first by telling me they are shocked I would ever have a desire to work with secondary aged students and second by telling me I am so young the students will walk all over me. I have given this issue a lot of thought, and still my mind has never swayed. In order to demand the respect and attention of all my students and to gain the authority I know I will need to maintain, I plan to begin my internship with a very important discussion with my directing teacher.
I hear many stories of directing teachers introducing their interns as students from the University of North…

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