The Value Of Globalization

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Often, many companies attempt to unlock the true value of globalization but struggle because they are unaware of what it really means. In an article, globalization is explained as it pertains to companies, “According to the study, as companies expand around the world, creating the capabilities to ensure that existing and new investments are holistically and continuously optimized is crucial for unlocking the true value of globalization.” (“Unlocking the Value of Globalization,” 2005). Applying this definition to their business model, Enbridge was able to unlock the true value of globalization and has astronomically increased their growth. In an article about how Enbridge is looking to increase the production of oil sands it says, “…oil sands …show more content…
Some of these values include building lasting relationships with stakeholders, acting ethically and responsibly, conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, and supporting universal human rights. However, although Enbridge claims that their employees must adhere to these principles at all times, there has still been times where society has questioned Enbridge’s true ethics. Within the past fifteen years, there have been many incidents where Enbridge has been in the press for negative social responsibility. From 1999 to 2011, Enbridge has had over 804 oil spills, has spilled nearly four million litres of tar sands, has had over 545 environmental violations, and has blatantly lied about the size of one of their oil spills by saying that they only spilled four barrels when in reality they spilled 1500 barrels. All of the aforementioned incidents have contributed to claims of Enbridge being an unethical company. All of the allegations were founded to be true proving that although Enbridge has made attempts to be an ethical company, they are still lacking the ability to be true to their beliefs. As far as the public is concerned, Enbridge is untrustworthy but they are making attempts to be ethical. Improvements that they could make are trying to find safer ways to transport their products while also being more honest about any issues that may occur. One of the most unethical things they have done is lie about messing up. People can forgive a mistake, but it is a lot harder to forgive a company who does not acknowledge their

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