Enb110 project report Essay

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Mount Tamborine Observation Deck
May 24, 2013
Black Suit Infrastructure Inc

Queensland University of Technology
Team 5

Scott Boreham
Thomas Crowther
Alex Grimshaw-Jones
Daniel Harrison
Nick Loveridge
Brett Mitchell scott.boreham@connect.qut.edu thomas.crowther@connect.qut.edu.au alex.grimshawjone@connect.qut.edu.au d5.harrison@connect.qut.edu.au nicholas.loveridge@connect.qut.edu.au brett.mitchell@connect.qut.edu.au
May 24, 2013

Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane, Qld, 4000

To Black Suit Infrastructure Inc

RE: Observation Deck

We are pleased to attach our tender to the observation deck. This report deals specifically with the engineering design of our design at the new
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Analysis 15 5.1 Bridge Analysis 15 5.1.1 Bridge Analysis 15 5.1.2 Design 15 5.1.3 Calculations 15 5.1.4 Expected Failure 16 5.2 Group Analysis 16
6. Conclusion 17
7. References 18
8. Appendices 19 8.1 Engineering Drawings 19 8.2 Hand and Space Gass Calculations 20 8.3 A3 CAD Designs 21 8.4 Meeting Minutes 22 8.5 Photos 23

1. Introduction
Observation decks have been used for many centuries as ways to create an overhanging platform. Truss structures consist of rigid beams joined together with pin connections. These trusses are always in compression or tension, or in special cases, under zero load. A truss is constructed of triangles connected together, thereby allowing the members to perform more efficiently when put under a constant load. Theoretically a truss should have frictionless joints therefore allowing the members to either be in complete compression or tension throughout the members along the truss. This force is only in theory however, does not occur in any real world situations but majority of the force acting on the members is subjugated to tensile or compressive force. Trusses have a high strength to weight ratio due the then nature of the nature of the force. Therefore less materials are used in the construction process, also reducing the

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