Empowerment Of The Team Experienced During Team Assignments Essay

993 Words Dec 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Empowerment creates senses of personal competence, personal choice, having impact, value in activity, and security (W&C, 368). A survey was used to assess the levels of empowerment members of the team experienced during team assignments. Members of the team reported an absence of a sense of security almost universally. Three of the prescriptions for empowerment are related to the sense of security: modeling, providing support, and creating confidence (W&C, 373). Since the team did not have an officially designated leader or manager it is logical that team member’s sense of security was low. Each of the prescriptions for security are related to a central authoritative figurehead who provides the example, support, and/or confidence prescribed. Without this figurehead the team must make decisions by consensus. Usually this involves a lot of uncertainty as one member ventures an opinion on a matter and the rest weigh in and eventually a course of action is decided. This is consistent with our team’s experience as various approaches to completing assignments were discussed and team members jumped in to fill roles when needed. These roles included making the final decision on what did and didn’t stay in a paper and setting a schedule of deliverables for team members. In spite of the absence of a sense of security, team members still reported feelings of empowerment. In particular, they experienced high levels of personal competence, personal choice, and having impact.…

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