Employment Rights Act Essay

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The Employment Rights Act is legislation that covers the legal rights of employers and employees. The primary aim of the Act is to provide basic employment protection for all employees. The main areas covered are:
• To provide a contract of employment with the terms and condition set out in writing.
• Detail salary and terms and condition.
• Provide pay statements.
• Entitles the employees for paid holiday leave.
• Provide guidance on statutory maternity and paternity leave.
• Provides requirements for the employer to have a fair disciplinary and grievance procedure.
• Lays down requirements that employers must adopts for dismissal procedures.
The Equality Act is another piece of important legislation in the workplace. It ensures that
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It forms an agreement between the employer and employee which is the basis of the employment relationship. It can either be in the form of written of verbal, but written is the preference so that the terms for both parties are clearly understood and …show more content…
It should detail the names of employer and employee. Start date when the employment commences. It should state the place of work, job title and a description of the work their employed to do. Salary and payment terms should also be included with holiday entitlement and confirmation of the company pension scheme.
Employer’s handbooks are often used to supplement the contract as a means of providing further information on the company’s policies, procedures and processes.
Other key principles of employment legislation are:
Treating employees equally and fairly promotes a diverse work culture. It is important to understand that the ‘one size fits all’ approach to managing people does not achieve fairness and equality of opportunity for everyone. People have different needs, values and beliefs. Ensuring that people are not treated less favourable because of a protected characteristic or because they’ve exercised a statutory right.
Maternity and Paternity
Time off for maternity, paternity and adoption rights for employees in line with statutory requirements, which also apply within partnerships of the same sex.

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