Employment Legislation Essay

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Unit 27 – Employment Legislation
Assignment 2

1. Terms of Reference:
This assignment asks to describe the impact of data protection legislation regulations on a specific business. The report will look at how the specific business will be affected by both employment and data protection legislation.

2. Procedures:
In order to carry out this assignment research will have to be collected this will come from a number of sources including the following: • Reference books • Internet

3.0 Findings:
When looking at the laws that relate to the relationship between an employer and employee its clear to see that they have changed dramatically over the past few years, and there is now a difficult framework provided by UK law and
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The effect of this has been extended to employee protection to an unprecedented level. The main rights for the employees are: • The right to 26 weeks paternity leave and 26 weeks unpaid leave • The right to work two weeks paternity leave for working fathers and 26 weeks leave for adoptive parents • The right for fathers and mothers to ask for flexible working arrangements if they have children under six or disabled children under 18 • Grievance and disciplinary procedures in the workplace to settle disputes quickly • Rights for people who are on fixed term contracts • Monitoring of equal opportunities through questionnaires • The right for members of trade unions to take paid time off to attend meetings and training

3.4 Working Time Rights:
The working time directive is a collection of regulations relating to the number of hours a person works, it is designed to protect the health and safety of workers. A main feature of the act is limiting the maximum length of a working week to 48 hours in seven days and a minimum period of 11 hours in each 24 hours.
The Working Time Regulations state that all full time employees must be given four weeks paid holiday per year. Part time employees are entitled to holiday proportion to the time they work, known as pro rata.
All employees are entitled to breaks and rest from work,

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