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Arizona Employment Laws
Clapton Commercial Construction is planning on expanding their current business to a new state. They currently do business in Michigan and are planning on expanding to Arizona. There are ten employment laws in Arizona that Clapton Commercial Construction should be made aware of in order to get their HR department up to speed before expanding to the state of Arizona. These are laws regarding required postings, minimum wage, overtime, meals and breaks, vacation leave, sick leave, holiday leave, voting leave, severance pay, and record keeping. These laws will be provided along with possible penalties for non-compliance and recommendations on how to approach these laws as they apply to Clapton Commercial Construction.
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Similar to how vacation leave works if sick leave is given it must be clearly documented in an employee contract or handbook. The employer must follow this document or legal action can be taken against the employer by the employee. It is our recommendation to use your current sick leave program established in your Michigan office for Arizona (Lunt Group Legal LLC., n.d.).
In Arizona it is not required of employers to provide paid or unpaid holidays. An employee can be scheduled to work on a holiday but a pay premium must be paid to the employee of at least one and half times their regular rate. Similar to other leave benefits an employer can provide paid or unpaid holiday leave as long as it is documented in an employee contract or handbook. It is our recommendation that you provide all employees scheduled to work on holidays a pay of at least one and half time their regular rate (Lunt Group Legal LLC., n.d.).
Arizona requires employers to provide employees at least three consecutive hours paid time off to vote. The employee must make a request prior to the election in order to receive this time off to vote. If time off is not given penalties can be assessed at both a federal and state level. It is our recommendation at this time that employees be allowed paid time off to vote in elections when scheduled in advance (Lunt Group Legal LLC., n.d.).
Arizona does not have any specific laws when it comes to severance pay. If a severance

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