Employment Law Is A Law That Regulates Employments Rights Within Employees

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Employment law is a law that regulates employments rights within employee, workers and independent contractors. However, the employment law gives the employee some legal enforceable rights which are contained in the contract of employment.
Contract of employment is an agreement that exist between an employer and employee which specify their duties, rights and responsibilities (Government of UK (Gov.uk), 2014). There are certain rights of employee that are legally protected that means all employee have the act to seek assistance or advice to the law in ensuring that those rights are dully observed giving employee the right to receive compensation or relieve of any unjust oppression. The legal enforceable right of employee are the valid right every employee has, by virtue of them been employed. This rights are incorporated into different legislations like NMWA 1998, Working time regulation 1998, Employment right act 1996.
Rights of employee include the following:
• Written statement of term of employment should be given to the employee within two months of starting work.
• The right to be paid the national minimum wage.
• Maximum of forty eight hours work per week.
• To be given a notice of dismissal provided you have work for at least one month.s
• Not to be discriminated.
• Flexible working hours / Holiday pay.
The national minimum wage act of 1998: stated clearly the pay per hour of work and what almost all workers are entitled to receive by law. However, this…

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