Employment Conflict Management Essay

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Employment Conflict Management
Fast Serve Incorporated is a successful $25 million dollar company that sells brand sports apparel. The company employs 350 workers and sells merchandise online and through retail stores. Presently the online sales are not meeting the originally projected sales goals or even covering the cost of the overhead to keep the website operational. Fast Serve’s management has decided to abandon the online sales venture to cut their losses and concentrate on building the retail sales. The personnel presently responsible for the online products merchandising will be moved to other mission critical positions in the organization or terminated (University of Phoenix, 2010).
In the Legal Issues in the Reduction of
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The organization strives to create win-win situations when dealing with conflict situations by using best practices to avoid causing discrimination claims that can potentially be economically and emotionally painful for the organization or the employee (University of Phoenix, 2010). Dana (2001) suggests that employers should always contract legal advice on any possible conflicts involving labor or employment law. Fast Serve has the possibility of being accused of violating the Age Discrimination Act (ADEA) with the discharge of Sarah Boyd, the American Disability Act (ADA) with Brian Carter and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) with Jenny Mills. These three individuals have been chosen to be involved in the RIF (University of Phoenix, 2010). Fast Serve is a responsible employer that cares deeply about the welfare of their employees and will use all ADR means within their power to find win-win resolutions for each of these employees.
Sara Boyd is a 53-year-old white female that has loyally worked for Fast Serve for 15 years. Sara probably would not file an ADEA suit against the company for her release in the RIF on her own accord. Fast Serve presently has a dispatch department automation upgrade being installed and Sara’s

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