Employment at Will Doctrine Essay examples

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After reading what my employees did, the decision to dismiss them from their job without a good reason would be somewhat difficult. There are numerous things that I would have to evaluate before I decide to let them go. I have to see if the things that they did falls under some the exceptions of the At- Will Doctrine. I understand that they were trying to make some changes. There are several things that they needed to be aware of before they went off doing the things that they did. Having no whistleblower policy should have made them reconsider a lot of their decisions.
Stirring up commotion in the department is something Jim could have avoided if he had simply asked his boss if he could speak with him regarding the change in his pay.
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A decision has to be made very carefully when it comes to John, Ellen, the group of secretaries, and Anna. Having a Facebook page is someone’s personal business. Therefore, they can choose to put whatever they feel on their page about whomever they want. As long as it isn’t harming or harassing anyone, nothing really can be done to John. Going to jury duty is something that we all cannot get out of unless it is an extreme circumstance followed by death or hospitalization. Anna could have gotten in trouble with the law if she failed to show up for jury duty without a reasonable explanation.
Having monthly meetings should be done so employees can address their issues and concerns. Ignoring employee’s issues or concerns can cause them to do all sorts of things that could hurt them or the company in the end. Unethical situations are less likely to happen when employees see that their upper management do care about their work environment and are attempting to make changes.
The whistleblower policy should and needs to be adopted. It helps protect the employees who expose other employees or employers that are committing fraudulent activities on the job. People do not realize that there are many CEO’s get away with terminating employees who try to stop these strange activities from happening. However, the truth

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