Essay on Employment and Lower Court

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HRM 546 NAME: ____Melissa Merchut______________________

Jeff C. Herring DATE:_______11/28/11____________________

General Instructions:

Read the specific instructions for each section carefully before you begin the section.

You have until the end of class to finish this test. The questions should be fairly self-explanatory, however, if you have a question ask.

The test is worth 20 points and will be graded accordingly: Multiple Choice = 20%, True/False = 20%, Matching = 10%, and Short Answer = 50%. I will have the grades posted within 7 days.

I have enjoyed getting to know and working with all of you over the last few weeks. As always, I learn as much if not more from all of you than vice versa. Best of luck in all
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He forces a married male employee to hear details and view pictures of his exploits. He has also forced this employee to participate in on a threesome, under threat of losing his job.

A) Hostile environment sexual harassment has occurred.

15) Howard believes that he is a woman trapped in a male body. He has begun the initial process necessary to undergo gender discrimination.

D) Howard, under these circumstances receives no protections under Title VII based solely on his transsexuality.

16) A construction worker has recently converted to Sikhism. He tells his supervisor that he must wear a turban at all times as part of his religious practice, which means he cannot wear the construction hat required by safety regulations. Which of the following is most accurate?

C) The employer should explore alternatives with the worker.

17) Which of the following will a court consider in determining whether an employer reasonably accommodated an employee's religious practice in the workplace?

D) Both B and C

18) Amy is HR Assistant Manager for Acme Inc. Amy is processing paperwork for two new hires, Julio, a Mexican-American male, and Betty, an Anglo-Saxon American female. Which of the following statement(s) regarding the I-9 forms is/are most accurate?

A) Amy should ask both Julio and Betty for documentation verifying employment eligibility per

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