Employee 's Motivation And Satisfaction Essay

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Every company’s primary goal is profitability. According to research done by a Purdue University professor, employee’s motivation and satisfaction have a direct link to a company’s profit even when there is no direct customer contact (Purdue Research, 2015). The researcher went on to say the reason for this is because the company exhibits strong organizational communication or communication that is passed down from upper to lower management, down to their subordinates (Purdue Research, 2015).
Chick-fil-A and McCoy’s Building Supply Center are two companies that have over two billions dollars in sales annually (Schermerhorn, J., 2012). Although these companies are involved in different industries, they have a few things in common. They both exhibit great service to their customers. These companies are not afraid to show their love for God which in today’s society could make you or break you. Both companies are never open on the busiest day of the week, Sunday. With these values, they operate successfully, and have kept their profitability high and continue to grow. Their management team has mastered organizational behavior and continues to use it to succeed (Chick-fil-A, 2013).
In today’s fast paced world, customer satisfaction has gotten lost. What was once measured on politeness, timely service, and a smile is now measured on timing alone. An employee is a very important attribute to one’s company and is the first line of communication between the company and their…

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