Employee Use Of Internet At Work Essay

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Employee Use of Internet at Work: Policy Proposals
Corporations nowadays are functioning in a technological world of doing business. One prime example is the internet. A realm full of information that has allowed higher level employees to low- level employees to use the internet to conduct research and other business related activities. It is not without saying that the internet has helped cut the days in half for many such as board of director, high level managers to low-level employees the internet has provide an escape from the daily routine from the business antics. There are many employees that have taken time out of the work day to view the latest news, gossip columns or overall searches of different topics. Internet has revolutionized the way individual’s work. Purcell and Rainie (2014) explained that the recent survey taken by Pew Research in the latter part of 2013 indicated that 94% of employees that work in different industries from big to small corporations are internet users. Although, many corporations have allowed the use of internet within their organization there are still organization’s that will not allow the use of internet due to the disruption of the work flow. Yet, contrary to company policy there are many employees that continue to surf the internet without the approval of the company. In which could possible contribute to ethical and liability issues that could affect the corporation. The memo below establishes ethical and liability issues that…

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