Employee Turnover In The Hospitality Industry Case Study

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Employee turnover is the rate at which employees enter and leave a company in a given year (SHRM, 2011). The industry with the highest turnover rates were services—accommodation, food and drinking places at 35%. The arts, entertainment, and recreation industry occupies second place with 27%. Across all industries, the average turnover was 15% (SHRM, 2011). Employee turnover in the hospitality industry is a well-documented problem and is reported to be “nearly twice the average rate for all other sectors” (Deloitte, 2010, p. 35). While the 2009 economic downturn temporarily slowed this high turnover rate, it is predicted to rise rapidly once the downturn improves (Davis, 2013; Deloitte, 2010).

Turnover is a concern for human resource managers
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Low salaries are suggested as a common reason to leave employers in the hospitality industry (Davis, 2013; Deloitte, 2010). However, many reasons reported for turnover are external to the employee and are specific to the employee who is quitting. The customer service nature of the hospitality industry and its interaction with the personality of the worker may represent an internal reason for an employee to quit (Davis, 2013). Boardman, Bozeman, and Ponomariov (2010) lists among reasons for turnover, issues relating to customer service which includes dealing with difficult customers. Certain personalities may be more ideally suited to becoming less stressed by these encounters and hence less likely to …show more content…
Most Western-style hotels are situated in St. Petersburg and Moscow, with the majority of these in the Central Administrative District near Moscow’s Kremlin. These properties in the Central Administrative District are comprised of four and five-star hotels and account for the majority of Russia’s hotel growth (Aginsky, 2007). The most recent project is in the tourist area of the Central Administrative District named “The Golden Circle”. Plans are for thirty multi-functional business-hotel, commerce-service, culture-entertainment and museum-information complexes around the Kremlin complex to anchor the Golden Circle (Aleksandrova,

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