Employee Training at Ibm Essay

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When working at IBM they feel responsible for the further growth of a Human Resource, after their studies. They think that throughout training the employees achieve career growth at IBM in a serious way, but also in a way it makes the employee have fun at the job.
Employee training
IBM has a couple of different employee training programs. These programs are offered in different stages of the career of an employee. First of all they offer a guide training for new employees. Secondly they offer internal trainings in different specific fields and on different levels. Besides these internal trainings they also offer external trainings. Last but not least IBM offers thousands of e-learning modules. These different forms of training will
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Besides that they can also choose to move horizontally. This means that they try to get knowledge in other specific fields. So they broaden their range of skills, to be able to work in other parts of the company.
Management Training
Next to the Individual Development Plan, IBM also offers two other highly educated trainings. These are first of all the Management Training. IBM once won an award with their management development program. This program provides employees to train and improve their effective leadership qualities. This is exactly what IBM strives to do with their employees. They want leaders who achieve high performance for themselves and for the company and for the newer employees.
Technical Training
The other highly educated training is the Technical Training. This training provides employees to get up to date with all the technical changes. The last decades the world became in a large speed with developing new technologies. Therefore it is necessary, according to IBM, to keep the employees up to date with the latest technologies by training and improving their technical skills.
External training
Besides just internal trainings IBM also offers, or better said give people the chance to do external trainings. Normally when an employee attends internal trainings it’s purely a training or education to gain more knowledge specific for the company itself, in this case IBM. With these external trainings the

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