Employee Resourcing Essay

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(Adapted from Armstrong, 2006)
The objective of HRM resourcing strategies is
‘To obtain the right basic material in the form of a workforce endowed with the appropriate qualities, skills, knowledgeand potential for future training. The selection and recruitment of workers best suited to meeting the needs of the organization ought to form a core activity uponwhich most other HRM policies geared towards development and motivation couldbe built.’ Keep (1989)Resourcing strategy

is concerned with obtaining and keeping the number andquality of staff required and with selecting and promoting people who ‘fit’ the culture and
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Such a culture might be inappropriate in facing the new challenges in the organization’s environment. In the HRM approach to resourcing, therefore, what management needs, rather thanwhat management wants is often a more important requirement in terms of skillsand behaviors required for sustainable growth, cultural change and competitiveadvantage.Business Strategy and Resource Strategy integrationIn order to integrate these strategies one needs to:Understand the direction in which the organization is going (the strategicdirection) and therefore determine:a. The numbers of people required to meet business needs;b. The skills and behaviors required to support the achievement of business strategies;c. The impact of organizational restructuring due to rationalization,decentralization, delayering, mergers, product or market development,introduction of new technologyd. Plans of changing the culture of the organization

in terms of performance standards, ability and capabilities to deliver, quality,customer service, team working and flexibility which indicate the needfor people with different attitudes, beliefs and personal characteristicsi.e. diversityAssignment:1. Describe the following typologies of business organizations according to theBoston Consulting Groupa. Wild cat b. Starc. Cash cowd. Dog

2. Compare these with Miles and Snow’s typologies of Defenders,

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