Employee Report : Employee Handbook Essay

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When dealing with employees, a very well drafted employee handbook, it should have information that include and acknowledge that the employee handbook was received by the employee. The information in the handbook should show that the employee agrees to comply with the policies set forth therein (Smith, 2014). The employees handbooks are design to give informative information to inform employees of the company’s rules and expectation so that the employee knows what rules will have to be followed. The employee handbook deals with many different policies but generally include the following. 1) The company’s expectation of the employees, usually deals with general information of rules and regulations. 2) what will be expected from the company 3) employee’s rights 4) benefits 5) compensations 6) hours and wages 7) conduct and disciplinary actions, and also the handbook may contain other information that will be able to show or help the employee understand disciplinary actions. There also will be information that is very important that could help the employee better understand what is to be expected of them from the company. Some employee handbooks eliminate uncertainty that deals with company policies and benefits and also tend to focus on how to reduce the risk that they will be administered (Da Maria, 2013). A good employee will be patient and take the time to read the entire handbook because they want to be aware of important information in the guide and…

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